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24/7 Phone and Email Support

All x24 Web Hosting accounts come with our guaranteed 24/7 support helpdesk.

If you're experiencing any problems, incluing minor ones, please call us on 03 9005 7723, email us at support@x24.com.au, or use our technical support request form.

We offer highly detailed and FAQs including help:

We understand that because we are discount web hosting providers, we are ideal for people and business placing sites online for the first time. While the process is simple, we want to be there for our clients through even the most minor of issues.

By offering our 24/7 phone and email support to our clients, we provide an outlet for you to contact us and have your enquiry responded to within 1 hour, and in the same straight-forward language as you see on our site.

We will explain the status of your request, steps you can take to avoid problems in the future, and get you using your webspace effectively, correctly, and to it's full potential.

Help you with using your webspace effectively, correctly, and to it's full potential.

There are four ways to receive your support. The quickest and recommended method is using our Technical support request form. This allows you to provide all of the relevant details to resolve any issues, including step-by-step ways to reproduce any issue.

Alternatively, you may send us a detailed description of your problem directly to support@x24.com.au, call us on 03 9005 7723.

Finally, you can even send us regular mail to:
x24 Hosting
2 / 24 Redholme St
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia, 3189

Regardless of the way you submit your support request, we will have one of our team contact you promptly to resolve any enquiry. For unusual problems we will inform you if the enquiry is passed to a network operations technician to keep you up-to-date.