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How do I set an autoresponder to confirm the receipt of incoming

Autoresponders are a useful email hosting function that acknowledges the receipt of an email, by sending a standard response email back. They provide the sender a record that they sent you an email, and can help brand your website.

To create an autoresponder response to email sent to one of your accounts first log in to your cPanel control panel. Do this by using your account username and password, and the URL sent when you first received your account setup email. Once you have successfully logged in you will see the control panel menu screen. Click the "Mail Menu" button to start.

After clicking the "Mail Menu" you receive the screen below. Click on the "Auto-Responders" link.

You autoresponders management screen is now displayed. Currently we do not have any autoresponders on this hosting account. Create one by clicking the "Add Autoresponder" link at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen is where you set the details of your autoresponder. You need to enter the email address you would like the responder to be on, the from address your response will be sent from, and the subject and body of the email.

Optionally you can set the responder to send the response in a HTML format email, and set the character set the email will use. Leave these settings as they are unless there is a reason for you changing.

Click the "Create" button at the bottom to set the autoresponder.

The final screen below confirms that the autoresponder has been set. Test it yourself by sending an email to the address, and watch the confirmation email appear in the inbox of the account you sent it from.

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