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How do I forward email to another email address?

Forwarding email is useful if you have changed your email address, or would like a copy of all received email sent to another address.

To forward the email sent to one of your addresses to another email first log in to your cPanel control panel. The account username and password were sent to you when you first received your account setup email.

Once logged in you see the following control panel menu screen. Click the "Mail Menu" button to proceed.

After clicking the "Mail Menu" you receive the screen below. Click on the "Forwarders" link.

You are then presented with your forwarders management screen. Currently we do not have any forwarders on this hosting account. Create one by clicking the "Add Forwarder" link at the bottom of the screen.

This first of the two textboxes on the next screen is for the address in your domain that you would like to redirect to another email address. In this case we have chosen the email address "sales".

The texbox below if for the address of the email you would like mail directed to. It doesn't have to be on your domain. Finally, click the "Add Forward" button.

The final screen below confirms that the forward of email has been set. Test it yourself by sending an email to the address, and watch it appear in the inbox of the "forward to" email.

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