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Can I access my email from both an email client like Outlook Express as
well as the web?

Yes. Websites hosted with us can get their email through Outlook Express, Eudora, or another email client. All settings are provided in our welcome email.

Although our hosting supports various email clients, we only supply limited support in configuring your specific software. The process is very easy with most email software, but we cannot be expected to know the finer details of every email client available.

Alternatively, you can choose to login to our web-based email site. This site works similar to Yahoo and Hotmail, so you can access your email from any Internet connected computer at any time.

Much like our web-based file manager that allows people to upload their sites easily without special software, web-based email is extremely convenient for anyone that travels or uses several different computers.

We do provide support on any problems you have using our web-based email.

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