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How do I create an email address at my domain name?

Before creating an email address at your domain name, you need to know that you must set your DNS settings correctly for emails to be received correctly. Once your DNS settings are correct (ie. You get your page displayed when typing in your domain name) follow this procedure to get your email created.

Log in to your cPanel control panel by going to www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel and using your account username and password. The settings to access your control panel were sent to you when you first received you account setup email. Once logged in you see the following control panel menu screen. Click the "Mail Menu" button to proceed.

After clicking the "Mail Menu" you receive the screen below. Click on the "Add/Remove Email Addresses" link.

In the next screen we get to specify a few details about the email account we would like to create. Enter the name of the email address. This will be the name before the @yourdomain.com part of your email. The password for the account needs to be entered, and then the quota.

The quota of the email address is how much of your webspace that email address is allowed to use. If you had a 25MB account and created and email address with a 5MB quota, you would have only 20MB of webspace left for other emails or your website.

That's it! Your email account has been created, and you receive the confirmation screen below.

If you are receiving an error saying that the account could not be created because you have run out of disk space, it means that you have allocated more quota for the email address than you have free on your account. Either clear some disk space from your website, or reduce the quota of other email accounts.

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