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How do I create a "catch-all" email address at my domain name?

Before creating an "catch-all" or default email address, you need to be sure that your DNS settings are correct for emails to be received. Follow this tutorial to get your "catch-all" email address created.

Log in to your cPanel control panel by going to www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel and using your account username and password. The settings to access your control panel were sent to you when you first received you account setup email. Once logged in you see the following control panel menu screen. Click the "Mail Menu" button to proceed.

After clicking the "Mail Menu" you receive the screen below. Click on the "Default Address" link.

You are then presented with your default account management screen. Click the "Set Default Address" link at the bottom to continue.

The screen that you are then presented with provides the options of what to do with your misdirected email. The textbox on the right allows you to enter one of three things:

  • The new email address to direct email to when the account doesn't exist
  • :blackhole: to simply delete misdirected email
  • :fail: to "bounce" email back to the sender to inform them the address doesn't exist

In this case we have chosen to redirect the failed email to one of our ServersInSeconds-web-hosting.com.au email addresses. You may choose to direct the email to an external address as well if you desire.

Clicking the "change" button will modify the default email as required.

The final screen below confirms that the default email address has been changed.

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