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What is a "catch-all" email address? Can I have one?

A "catch-all" email address is an email address where incoming emails are automatically sent to if the recipient is not valid.

For example, if somebody sent an email to your domain but had a spelling error in the name such as wilfrrd@wilfredsdomain.com instead of wilfred@wilfredsdomain.com, then it would arrive at the catch-all address.

All of our hosting packages include a catch-all address. To set yours simply login to your control panel and click on the "mail" menu. From there click on "Set a catch-all email address", and enter the email address you would like misdirected mail sent to.

A more detailed explination on creating a catch-all email address is available.

Catch-all email addresses can be especially useful for fighting SPAM. If you had a catch-all email address setup, and wanted to register at a website you didn't know (eg. xyzcompany.com), you could enter xyzcompany@yourdomain.com as your email address.

With this method you can still receive any email they send to you, but if they turn bad and SPAM or sell your email address to SPAM companies, simply block that email address.

Imagine having your email inbox 100% SPAM free. It can happen.

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